Three Doctors on A Mission To Redefine The Portrayal of The Black Male



Our Organization

Pulse of Perseverance is a 501(c)3 that seeks to support youth through mentorship, exposure, and scholarships.

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Our Mission

To empower and inspire young black  youth to work towards their goals by giving them a blueprint and resources for success.


Pulse of Perseverance Presents Monthly Scholarship! Awarded every month to a deserving student who demonstrates his/her desire to defy stereotypes and succeed

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Mobile App

One goal for the app is to provide an avenue for mentors who are currently in fields where African Americans are underrepresented to connect with kids who may not have been previously exposed to those respective disciplines. 

The second goal of the app is to also provide an intellectual space where underprivileged youth across the nation will be encouraged to support, assist, & motivate each other in their respective fields of interest in order to achieve their goals. By doing this, our hope is that these children can find their “power circles” or network at a much earlier stage in their lives so that they can stay motivated on their path to success. 

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